Melvindale police called after roommate draws sword in dispute over bathroom smell

Melvindale police were called to an unusual domestic dispute between roommates that involved one drawing a sword over bathroom etiquette.

On June 10 officers responded to a call in the 17000 block of Henry Street when a 26-year-old woman called 911 to report her roommate of five months, refused to leave after not paying rent.

When officers arrived, the woman had left. The roommate, a 28-year-old man, said his roommate was upset with him because he used the bathroom earlier, causing it "to stink."

"The man stated the female then went to the basement and retrieved a sword and threatened to cut the door handle off his bedroom," police said in a report.

The man claimed that while on the phone with his mother, the woman heard his mother tell him to call the police, and she called 911 before he could.

Police say the man said he is in the process of moving out.