Mentally disabled man found shot to death on Detroit sidewalk

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A family is broken and searching for answers after a mentally ill man is found dead on Detroit's east side.

The family of 41-year-old Jerry Denman is mourning his death Thursday morning on Maddelein Street on Detroit's east side.

They were at the crime scene when police identified his body lying on the side walk, shot multiple times.

Sources said investigators took a man in for questioning, but no one has been arrested. Right now, police don't have a motive.

Neighbors who live on this street called Jerry Denman by the nickname - Doug. Neighbors say he had been spending time in the area the past few days before this happened.

"He was a good person, a good man, a father, a brother, a cousin, a best friend. We need to step up 48205," said Dejuan Moore. "You all have to stop this BS. Help find the killer to my friend."

Family and friends said Denman grew up on this street adding that he was mentally ill. However, they say he would not have harmed anyone. They fear someone may have gotten upset by his behavior and reacted in violence.

"Whoever did that, they didn't know him," Moore said. "Because if they knew him, they wouldn't have done that. They would have given one of us a phone call and say come get Doug, Doug isn't acting right because he was a little mentally disturbed."

"Because he would scare you, stuff like that," said a neighbor.

FOX 2: "But that doesn't justify taking someone's life."

"No, he wouldn't do anything bad to anyone like that," said another neighbor.

Family and friends hope someone will speak up to help investigators solve this crime. If you have any information, give the DPD a call right away.