Metro Detroit family with 12 children surprised with new van

Sometimes, your prayers are answered.

For the Begarowicz family, it came in the form of a gift given to them on a sunny and warm Friday afternoon - a new van big enough for the whole family.

"We have adopted four (children) and we are adopting another four," said Amy Begarowicz. "We have 12 children and two grandchildren. Our family has been growing."

The metro Detroit family has also been caring for sick relatives, so buying a new safe, and reliable vehicle just wasn't in the budget.

That's where WMUZ radio comes in, along with Charity Motors and the Grossos, who bought the van as a gift after hearing about the family on the radio.

"When they walked in, my heart just melted, we knew it was the right thing," said Dolores Grosso. "Once that family was there, we just felt an instant connection with them."

"I did not expect this, not at all," said Amy. "It is what we wanted. This is an answered prayer."

"It's completely organic and it happened spontaneously in the moment," said Chris Stevenson, radio host WMUZ-FM.

"The people who donated this are so amazing," said dad, Joshua Begarowicz. "We are so thankful. We've been praying for a safer vehicle for our family. We go to visit my father in the Upper Peninsula and we take all the kids on vacation up there when we do it. And we have been worried we are not going to make it home or make it there."

"I know the kids are excited, they love it as well," Amy said. "We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."