Metro Detroit man in Paris shares his story

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A man from the metro Detroit area is in Paris on vacation, right now.

His name is Matt. he doesn't want to disclose his last name or who he's with, but he said he and his party were having dinner tonight when all hell broke loose.

"At my party, people started getting text messages and Facebook messages," he said. "We started looking at the TV and then things just started escalating.

"We went over to the embassy and they told us to go home and get locked down and that's what we did."

"On the way back we noticed definitely, there was a flurry of activity," Matt said. "Between people, citizens, police, military and cabs and police vehicles."

Matt said he had the shades closed and could not see the street from where he was staying, keeping away from the windows.

"I've just been watching TV and we're just going to wait as thing ends or unfolds to see what we can do either tomorrow or when we can get back home."

FOX 2: "What are the French citizens being told through the media, what directions are being given?"

"What I would equate it to is martial law," Matt said. "Just stay in your homes, just stay in your businesses and not come out.

"With my previous service, it's kind of semi-not affecting me. However it's about the protection of my party. I never though anything would be happening like this on a supposedly fun vacation.

"Didn't think something like this could happen especially what they are reporting on TV right now and who may be behind this."

Matt was just a mile away from where one of the attacks happened.

"I've got some very scared people with me," he said. "We took as many precautions as we could. We deleted all our Facebook information any of our social media information.

"All of our phones are blowing up. A lot of calls are happening, a lot of Facetime when we can. We are trying to keep where we are private and stay as non-descript as possible."

Matt and his party are safe tonight and have been in contact with their family, to let them know that they are okay.