Metro Detroit photographer offers free end-of-life photo sessions for pets about to cross Rainbow Bridge

After a friend asked Julia Earhart to do photos of her dog that was diagnosed with cancer, the photographer had an idea to help other people capture their pets' final moments.

"She’s like, ‘Hey Julia, can you photograph some pictures of me and Cuddi when he’s still in good spirits because he doesn’t have much time,’" Earhart said.

She did the photoshoot and decided to offer free end-of-life shoots for pets who have terminal illnesses or will be dying soon.

(Photo: Julia Earhart)

"I understand that treatment is expensive. Medicine is expensive for helping dogs with end of life," she said. "I kind of was like why don’t I offer this for free to help people out to have these memories."

Earhart said she had a cancer scare with her own dog, Benny, which confirmed that she needed to do the shoots to help others.

(Photo: Julia Earhart)

"I’d rather them spend the money towards their dog's favorite toys or treats and spoil them while you can," Earhart said. " It's going to be emotionally challenging but knowing it will make a pet owner happy, I’m more than willing to take it on."

Earhart said the pet sessions, which she is scheduling around her current availability, have been filling quickly. Click here to get in touch with her.