Metro Detroit still under water as pump stations work overtime

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The Southfield freeway at Outer Drive at the Allen Park and Dearborn border remains under water Wednesday night.

Throughout the evening FOX 2 has watched as Wayne County crews at their pump station try and keep up with the flooding. Normally there are three pumps working to send water back to the Detroit River, but two extra were called in to battle the water.      

The water on the freeway under the Outer Drive overpass is at 14 feet and only been going up. There was a scare at the pump station at 8:30 tonight, crews had to cut the power as the water was about to reach the electronic components of it. The workers, like everyone else, are just waiting for this water to recede. 

It was during the rush hour commute when it became clear this was not the typical flood this area is used to dealing with. 

"I was up at 12:30 and as soon as we saw the flooding coming in, I have sensors in my basement that told me it was going to happen," said Todd Sirk of Allen Park. "So we got everything up on tables so we didn't lose anything. Our garage has four inches in it, it's up past our rims."

Todd Sirk lives along the Dearborn border right along the Southfield Freeway at Outer Drive.  With the Ecorse River raging and some class one rapids in his front yard, he decided to ride it out in his kayak.

Down the road a couple blocks the river swallowed the Southfield freeway. The pumping station was operating with additional power but it was no match for a continuous cascade of water flooding into the street.

Freddie Miller says his wife was one of many trapped in the flood. 

"She was driving and got hung up in the water," Miller said. "The tow truck was pulling cars out."

We know from speaking with county crews who were out there since the morning that at least one Chrysler Town and County was lost in the flood waters which are nearly 14 feet deep at this point. Thankfully the people in that van got out safely and there have been no reported injuries.