Mice and ant sightings at Southfield school prompts building closure for rest of week

Southfield public schools have temporarily closed one of their buildings after sightings of mice and ants prompted the district to enact remote learning measures at one facility.

The University High and Middle School Academies and the MacArthur K-8 buildings will be closed for the remainder of the week to allow time for pest control officials to address the sightings and seal openings in the building, a letter to parents read.

"The impact is in one facility. That said, there have been no rats nor is it classified as an infestation," Dr. Jennifer Green, the Southfield Superintendent said in an email to FOX 2. 

The sightings at the Lathrup Campus are likely due to the district's extended closures due to COVID-19. 

As a result, only the operations team and select vendors will be allowed on the campus, the letter to parents read. Students will be learning from home.

The district said it hired a pest management company out of Canton to deal with any rodents or insects.