Michigan 2-year-old celebrating first Christmas at home after spending majority of life in hospital

Valentina Garnetti has spent most of her two years of life at Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, but this year she will be celebrating Christmas at home.

"She was born with a congenital heart defect," her mother Francesca Garnetti said. "It’s basically half a heart."

The girl had open-heart surgery at just two days old.

One procedure led to another, and little Valentina has faced obstacle after obstacle.

The baby was put on life-support.

"And then she had a stroke, and it was a major stroke," Francesca Garnetti said.

While she has recovered, she has spent time away from her parents and two sisters.

"It was hard. I don’t think anybody ever thinks they’ll spend a long time in the hospital, let alone 694 days," Francesca Garnetti said.

However, baby Valentina was discharged from the hospital this year and will spend Christmas with her family at home.

"We didn’t know if Valentina would ever be able to come out of hospital, so now that she’s out and happy and doing well medically, it's amazing," Francesca Garnetti said.

While the family is excited for Valentina to open presents at home, they said it's not what is under the tree that matters to them.

"It's about making the memories and spending time with family," Francesca Garnetti said. 

She said Valentina could have more surgeries in the future or could possibly get a heart transplant, but right now the present is the familiy's focus.

"Right now we just live day to day, and we’re happy with how things look right now," she said.