Michigan animal control saves wayward ducklings, immediately welcomed by mama duck

An Animal Control Officer in Southgate brought traffic to a stop to rescue ten baby ducks that had been abandoned and wandered across the expressway. Then the ducklings found a new mom - who didn't hesitate to welcome them to her flock.

The 10 ducklings were rescued on the Southfield Expressway by the officer. She rounded them up and got them into a little pet carrier.

Then she took the little ducks to South Winds Golf Club in Southgate - where they have a pond and a pet duck who lives there.

That duck, named Stella, hatched her family of 9 just two weeks ago. She was in the pond when the animal control officer delivered the ducks to her new home.

As soon as that happened, Stella didn't hesitate and swam right over to welcome her new family members. 

Video courtesy: Chris Grandy