Michigan attorney general serves Hall of Shame CEO on Facebook

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Christopher Carr is still attending money making seminars and billing himself as an entrepreneur, marketer and E-com expert.

Then there's Chris Carr's Facebook page which was used in unique way by Michigan's new attorney general to nail the guy - using Facebook! More on that later.
Carr: "Sir, this is ambush journalism."
Wolchek: "Yeah, cry me a river."

Two years ago, a website called Fan Authentics was racking up hundreds of complaints to the Better Business Bureau.  The site appeared to sell sports clothing at good prices.  

Carr's company was good at taking your order - but not so good about shipping anything out. The guy behind the company was named Christopher Carr. a real common name. 

No one could find the right guy, but I figured the Christopher Carr who billed himself as a "serial entrepreneur" and a "dynamic speaker" was the man authentic behind Fan Authentics. I followed him to a Troy business which turned out to the company's secret headquarters. Then I confronted Chris.
Wolchek: "Hey Christopher, Rob Wolchek from FOX 2. Can you fill me in a little about your business?"

Carr: "Um no thank you."

Wolchek: "Fill me in a little on this Fan Authentics.  That's your business right.?"

Carr: "Sir, can you please get out of my face?"

Wolchek: "No I want to talk to you.  I want to talk to you about Fan Authentics.  You know you have about 300 complaints with the Better Business Bureau?  How come you're not filling those orders?"

Wolchek: "Hey Chris, I thought you were a dynamic speaker? Why don't you speak with me, come on?"

Carr: "If you bang on my window again I will contact the Troy Police Department."

Christopher Carr blamed the thousands of unfilled orders on a merchant billing error, but seemed in no hurry to get back to trying to fulfill the orders he'd already taken money for.

Wolchek: "And have you contacted the customers and said 'Gee, sorry?' You haven't done that have you?"

Carr: "We are working on going through the process."

Well, apparently Chris Carr didn't work hard enough because now Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has served Carr with a $784,328 dollar, 13 civil judgments for ripping off his customers.
Nessel said in a press release that "thousands of consumers were robbed of their money by Christopher Carr's deceitful online business practices."

While I got to hold Christopher Carr accountable in person for his dirty dealings and social media boasts in 2017.

Christopher Carr was long gone to Florida and not responding to the Michigan attorney general's office through traditional channels. So, the AG served him through his active Facebook account

Chris has to pay back $259,000 in damages, $475,000 in civil fines and $50,000 in attorney fees and other costs incurred by the AG's office.

What's Christopher Carr got to say about all this? I also contacted him on Facebook and 10 minutes later, he deleted his account.  
Gee Chris, I guess we can't be Facebook friends now, but you're still in my social network -- the Hhhhhall of Shame!