Michigan attorney Mike Cox considers governor run as Republican

The Michigan GOP believes 2022 could be a good shot at taking down incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and, while that's still more than a year away, one possible candidate is a familiar face but is part of an ongoing lawsuit with the University of Michigan.

Attorney Mike Cox, former state attorney general and GOP contender in 2009 is eyeing a possible run, according to FOX 2's Tim Skubick.

The Republican isn't confirming any of the information but FOX 2 has learned that Cox has been contacted by some members of the Donald Trump team in Washington plus the Republican Governor's Association about getting into the contest.

A source familiar with his thinking reports Cox would "love to run for governor" but he's got one major roadblock.

Cox is the lead attorney for some of the victims of the alleged sexual abuse crimes by Dr. Robert Anderson who worked at the University of Michigan. The attorney will not leave his clients to run for governor which most assuredly would not look good.

However, if the case is resolved by the end of the year, his chances of running will go up but he would be late getting into the race compared to others who would have a head start.

Cox last ran for Governor in 2009 in a crowded GOP field but lost to Rick Snyder in the primary.

While he has not made a decision to run again, one insider joked that if he shaves off his beard and loses 15 pounds you will know he's running.