Michigan COVID-19 mask policy: indoors vs. outdoors

Michigan's new mask policy goes into effect Saturday, less than a day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended lifting mask mandates for those who are vaccinated.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Service's new mask order includes different rules for people, depending on their vaccination status.

The biggest distinction that the state's new order accounts for is whether people are indoors or outdoors. As of note, just because the state mask order has been lifted doesn't mean county health departments 

Michigan mask rules outdoors

According to the state's new epidemic order, masks are no longer required outdoors in any setting. 

The order applies to anyone, regardless of their vaccination status.

The CDC issued a similar recommendation yesterday when it said "fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance." 

Michigan mask rules indoors

Updated MDHHS guidelines advise that anyone fully vaccinated will no longer need to wear a mask indoors. 

Anyone that isn't fully vaccinated "must continue to wear a mask or face covering to protect themselves or others" read a release from the governor's office.

This indoor mask order will expire on July 1. 

Will there be local mask rules?

The state's new mask ordinance lifts the restriction across the state, but that doesn't mean other local governments or businesses will ease their own rules.

Local health departments at the county or city level may still enact their own policies that are more robust than the state's current rule. 

The same goes for local businesses like restaurants.