Michigan deputy rescues ducklings from drain as mama duck watches

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Credit: Amanda Brooke Larson-Olson/Facebook

A sheriff's deputy in western Michigan went way beyond the call of duty over the weekend and a visitor to Holland captured it and is sharing it with the world.

It started with a post to Downtown Holland's Facebook page. Amanda Brooke Larson-Olsen shared the above photo of Ottawa County Sheriff Deputy Tony Boersema digging into the drain to track down the wayward ducklings with a cardboard box next to him and the duckling's mother watching nearby.

FOX 17 reports someone called about the family of ducks in the road because they were concerned for their safety. That someone was Larson-Olsen. 

Here's what she wrote on Downtown Holland's Facebook page:

"A local sheriff went above and beyond today to save a family," said Amanda in the post. "My family and I were pulling out of McDonald's on Riley st and saw a momma duck circling a storm drain so I made my husband back up and so I could check it out. There were 12 baby ducks."

She said she pulled into McDonald's for lunch and saw the adult duck on the drain. After ordering and getting their lunch through the drive through, the duck was still there. Amanda told her husband to stop so she could check out what was going on. 

She said that's when she heard the babies crying from inside the drain. Her husband pulled the cover off the drain and she went to get a box from McDonald's while also calling 911.

Amanda told us that she and her husband stayed with the ducks for over an hour after placing the call. That's when Deputy Boersema arrived and got to work. With the cardboard box nearby, he reached in to rescue the ducklings.

Larson-Olsen posted another photo in the comments that showed the rescued ducklings all in the box:

So far, her Facebook post has over 1,600 likes.

Undersheriff Steve Kempker says the ducks were relocated to an area that's less busy following the weekend rescue. He says responding to reports involving wildlife is part of the job in Ottawa County, where authorities might get calls about a horse or cow on the loose.

Kempker says "it makes us feel good that we have employees who will go that little extra on these types of calls."

Amanda said the ducklings were returned to an area of water in front of the McDonald's. 

"All 12 babies were out and safe and that's all that mattered in the end. We are huge animal lovers and when I see something off I have to check it out," she said.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this story.