Michigan District Baptist Association rallies for Flint

Churches congregated in Detroit on Saturday to rally for a cause that has touched so many -- the Flint water crisis.

Several members of the Michigan District Baptist Association, which is composed of 23 churches, gathered at the Liberty Temple Baptist Church to plan a "Day of Action" in Flint, as the city and the people who live there continue to deal with a lead contaminated water crisis.

Roughly 200 volunteers will head to Flint to pass out truckloads of donated water, hand sanitizer and baby wipes. They will also provide prayer and counseling to anyone who needs it.

Dr. Steve Bland, pastor of the Liberty Temple Baptist Church, said this type of cause is what ministry is all about.

"It's not just proclamation, it's performance," he said. "It's helping those that can't help themselves in many ways, and it could be any of us. It could be Detroit and has been Detroit in some areas. It can be any of God's children wherever they live."

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-5) said if the people involved with the event can reach into their pockets to help Flint, they should also be able to turn to their own government for that kind of help.

"In some ways, they are showing real leadership here," he said. "I hope that those in government that are resisting our efforts to provide help will see this and maybe change their hearts."

This event is the third time the Michigan District Baptist Association has collected supplies for Flint. They said there will be similar drives in the coming weeks.