Michigan farmers fear dry conditions will threaten crops

As dry conditions persist around Michigan, some farmers are worried that their crops might not make it.

"We are definitely dry," Dave Wilcox said. "We need rain."

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At Wilcox Farms in Almont, they grow 400 acres of soybeans, 100 acres of corn, and 50 acres of hay.

"What concerns me is that if it doesn’t rain in the future, like we should say 10 days crops will start hurting," Wilcox said.

Wilcox said his corn should be OK, but he is concerned his soy won't make it.

"Our corn was planted early, finished 12 of May, it was still plenty of moisture. It came up good, and corn likes hot weather," he said. "The late planted beans are not going to come up like they should evenly."

If the plants don't properly grow, farmers could lose revenue.

"You have quite a lot invested into planting, say $300-400 dollars an acre," Wilcox said.

As farmers wait for the rain, they say consumers should expect higher prices.

"We need rain. Just say a prayer every night and hopefully, it will rain," he said.