Michigan immigration attorney prepares for surge of immigrants as Title 42 ends

Immigration attorney Herman Dhade is busy and is about to get even busier with a surge of travel across the southern border expected when a Trump-era policy known as Title 42 ends later this week. 

Title 42 barred border entry into the U.S. with heavy restrictions in the name of public health due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Noncitizens looking for asylum and those who came across illegally were promptly sent back to Mexico.

A key reason for the projected influx is that scores of migrants who were sent back to Mexico have faced dire situations and want relief now. 

"They do make their way up here to Michigan where they’re fleeing persecution from their home countries. They want a better life," he said. "It is a misconception that the southern border is just for that Spanish-speaking demographic but no it’s actually, globally it’s an entry point. Individuals fleeing war-torn areas, Ukraine Asia. The No. 2 population group is actually from Asia that’s crossing over the southern border to claim safety here in the United States."

Dhade says he will be among many immigration attorneys helping those coming over to find jobs and begin new lives while they wait for their paperwork to get processed. Many could face significant delays. 

"Fortunately while they’re waiting to be processed they are able to apply for a work permit, get a Social Security Number and start working and supporting themselves but unfortunately for a lot of these asylum seekers they could be waiting years in the backlog," he said.