LIST: Michigan inspectors find credit card skimmers hidden in gas pumps across state

State officials recently found credit card skimmers in pumps at eight gas stations across Michigan.

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development weights and measures inspectors discovered the skimmers, which are inside pumps, during a routine inspection blitz.

Skimmers make copies of customers' credit card information.

Skimmers were found at:

  • Admiral, 3221 Division S., Wyoming
  • Admiral, 5342 Westnedge, Portage
  • Sunoco, 40200 Michigan Ave., Canton
  • Admiral, 4315 Chicago Drive, Grandville
  • Mobil, 1396 Ecorse Road, Ypsilanti
  • Sunoco, 5843 S. Martin Luther King, Lansing
  • Mobil, 1500 Haslett Rd, East Lansing
  • FlexxMart, 496 Main St. Belleville

"The station owners had security measures in place to protect their patrons such as security tape," said Craig VanBuren, MDARD’s Lab Division Director. "Unfortunately, the thieves cut, broke, or removed the tape. It is important that both the stations and customers remain vigilant at the pump when using a bank or credit card."

While the skimmers can't be seen from outside the pump, if a pump looks like it has been tampered with, notify the store clerk and do not use your card to pay. Additionally, try to use pumps closer to the store because skimmers are often placed in pumps farther away from the store.

Customers are advised to monitor their bank and credit card statements for unauthorized purchases. If you believe your information has been compromised, contact your bank.