Michigan Lowe's employees surprise co-worker with wedding

When an employee at the Lowe's store in Warren told her co-worker's that she was feeling uninspired about planning her wedding because she didn't have family to share it with, they stepped in and gave her the wedding of her dreams.

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Nahren Hido’s family lives in Iraq and wouldn't be able to attend, so instead of having a big celebration, she and her fiancé Howard Corder were going to get married at the courthouse.

Hido said a co-worker asked about their wedding plans. Corder said they were going to the court, and Hido said, "I wish we could get married at Lowe's."

So, her co-worker's got to work to make it happen. They spent two weeks planning the wedding, which happened in aisle 25.

(Photo: Lowe's)

They used outdoor furniture as an altar, covered the aisle in carpet samples, and used flowers from the garden center.

"They did so amazing of a job," Hido said. "It makes me feel awesome. It's like they are my family because I don't have family in this country."

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(Photo: Lowe's)