Michigan man plays same lotto numbers for years, wins $327K

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Brighton resident David Fisher's lucky numbers - 05-13-22-30-36 - finally turned out to be lucky. Photo courtesy Michigan Lottery

A Michigan man who says he has played the same numbers for years has finally hit it big with the Michigan Lottery and is taking home almost $327,000.

For years, David Fisher has picked the same number for the fantasy five - 05-13-22-30-36 - in hopes that it would finally pay off. This week, the Brighton man finally hit his numbers and he's cashing out with $326,974 in cold hard cash.

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Fisher, 53, said that he screamed 'Oh my God' over and over again when he realized that he hit it big.

“Fantasy 5 is my game and I’ve been playing the same numbers for years,” said Fisher. “On Sunday night I went on a Lottery tour and bought tickets at stores all over trying to win the jackpot. When I checked my numbers Monday morning, I was in shock. I asked my sister, Donna, to check my ticket too, and then we both just started screaming ‘Oh my God!’”

Fisher said that he couldn't wait to share the news of his good fortune AND his new fortune so he went to his brother's house with a checkbook.

“I wanted to help my family, so I wrote each of my nephews and my brother a check for $1,000,” said Fisher. “After I got home, I hid the ticket in the bottom of my sock drawer to keep it safe.”

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On Wednesday, he took the winning ticket to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize.

“I’ve always told people that when I win a jackpot I’d spend half at the casino and waste the other half,” joked Fisher. “Really though, I’m going to buy a 2017 Corvette and put the rest away for retirement.”

He bought his winning ticket at Jonna’s Country Corner on  North Michigan Avenue in Howell.