Michigan man walks across America to raise money for wounded vets

Army veteran Jack Huffman is on a mission to honor those who have served. From March 14th to May 28th, he walked 3,000 miles to the nation’s capital.

"It was always a childhood dream to walk across America," he said. "Certainly the most dangerous day was the climb of the Mogollon Rim. That was in Arizona, it was an incredibly steep climb."

This wasn't a sightseeing trip - Huffman says it was an opportunity to make a difference "One step at a time, one day at a time together we can change the world," he said.

Back in 2019 Huffman’s first expedition led him to support a hospital known for treating kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

"I set off from California and walked to Georgia in 79 days for St. Judes," he said.

In fact, last year FOX 2 cameras caught up with Jack. His mission then, was to to walk from Florida to Michigan.

"It was 62 days, 1,800 miles," he said. "I think I crossed through nine states."

The trek was to benefit the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund - an organization that he decided to raise money for again, this year.

"I left from Dana Strands Beach, California on March 14 and headed nearly 3,000 miles to Washington DC - (I) crossed the Rockies, the desert," he said.

Photo courtesy Jack Huffman

Photo courtesy Jack Huffman 

Huffman said he has chosen the same causes to raise funds again, this year.

As he treks across the country he is seen carting 150 pounds worth of gear which includes a tent. And while the military vet braves the elements from one state to the next, he constantly drums up support.

"America is just full of very kind, generous people," he said.

Some have offered Huffman money for his fundraiser others offer him food and water.

"Everyday was a new adventure - it was life at three miles per hour, but living in the fast lane," he said.

Huffman has chosen to support the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund for two consecutive years for one simple reason.

"The vets are really underserved and it’s really an honor to be able to do this for them," he said.

Huffman’s partner in life Tamara helps guide him during these adventures from their home base in White Lake. She looks to find people to help him along the way if he runs into a challenge.

He is prepping for his next "road trip" but says it’s too early to reveal the details. Right now he’s still raising money for this most recent mission.

"It will be closer to $275,000 and still going," he said. "We’re all bound by our kind and caring hearts."

If you would like to learn how you can help go to jaxwalk.com or Facebook HERE.