Michigan men charged with stealing 25 guns in Dunham's break-in

Security camera photos of the Dunham's break-in incident 

Three Flint men have been charged with stealing 25 guns from a Burton Dunham's Sporting Goods store according to the US Attorney's Office Eastern District of Michigan.

A federal grand jury returned an indictment on Eben Gray II, 19, Jermain L. Williams, 18, and Donald R. Carson, 21 for breaking into the store, according to US Attorney Dawn Isom.

The three men were charged with conspiracy to steal firearms from a federally licensed firearms dealer and to possess stolen firearms, theft of firearms from a federally licensed firearms dealer, and possession of stolen firearms.

Investigators say they allegedly conspired with others to break into Dunham’s, steal firearms, and then sell those firearms for profit afterward. On Dec. 15, 2023, Investigators say Gray and Williams went to Dunham’s to learn about their gun shop and to get information to assist them in planning the burglary.

Later that day, and into the early morning hours of Dec. 16, the three men and two juveniles drove to an area near Dunham’s, where they parked their car and approached the store on foot.

The group, all of whom were wearing masks, broke a window at the store and forced their way through a metal security gate.  

Inside the group broke a glass display case and stole 25 firearms.  They placed the firearms into bags and then fled the scene.  

The indictment claims that the men later sold or otherwise disposed of the firearms. There is no word from the US Attorney's Office if the juvenile suspects have been arrested or if they have been charged. 

"Stealing firearms and putting those stolen guns out on the streets of our community is both reprehensible and dangerous.  We will continue to hold to account those individuals who threaten the safety of our communities with their reckless behavior," said U.S. Attorney Ison.

The grand jury also returned an indictment against Gray for possessing a machine gun in a separate incident on December 17, 2023.

"Robberies and burglaries of gun dealers represent one of the biggest threats to our community’s public safety. Eben Gray, Jermain Williams, and Donald Carson are nothing more than common-day thugs who put personal greed before the safety of our community. In my experience, said Special Agent in Charge James Deir, "these folks represent the most deserving candidates for Federal prosecution. In the end, they’ll have a lot of time to reflect on their wrongdoing."