Michigan police to ride in unmarked cars looking for distracted drivers

Michigan State Police troopers launched a new campaign to catch distracted drivers.

Under Operation Ghostrider, troopers will ride in unmarked cars looking for distracted drivers on the roads. They'll then call an officer in a marked car to pull that driver over.

"A few weeks ago, I counted how many people were on their phones on my way from Lansing to Detroit. I stopped counting at 20 before I got to Novi. I am positive that most of us would carry an incredible amount of guilt if we caused a crash or someone was killed because we were not paying attention," said Capt. Monica Yesh of Michigan State Police.

MSP says distracted driving is to blame for more than half of all crashes, and say that number is on the rise.

Anyone in violation could get a ticket and fines starting around $150.

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