Michigan Rep. Neil Friske arrested for 'felony-level offense' in Lansing Thursday morning

Neil Friske, a Republican who represents Charlevoix and Emmet counties. Photo via lawmaker's website.

A Michigan lawmaker was arrested Thursday morning on an undisclosed charge, police confirmed with FOX 2. 

State lawmaker Neil Friske, who is a Republican that represents Charlevoix and Emmet counties in northern Michigan, was taken into custody by Lansing Police.

He's expected to be arraigned on Friday. 

The public information officer with Lansing police would not say what charge Friske was arrested on. She also would not say if he was arrested while driving or at a location.

Additional information from Lansing police include that officers were dispatched to the 2100 block of Forest Rd for a report of a male with a gun, as well as possible shots that were fired.

Law enforcement responded quickly and made contact with all parties involved. Friske was taken into custody for a "felony-level offense."

In a statement from his campaign posted to his social media, they did not have "any details" about why he was arrested. While it's not clear what happened, the Friske campaign said he is "always exercising his 2nd Amendment right."

The statement also alleged the timing of the arrest was "suspect" for multiple reasons.

Among them is the arrest happened right before absentee ballots are released and that it took place a day after someone was conducting polling in the lawmaker's district, the post claimed.

"We ask everyone for prayers and to stay tuned for updates directly from this campaign or Representative Friske himself. Thank you for the outpouring of concern and unwavering support we have received this morning."

Friske was first elected to the state House in November 2022. 

He's currently running for reelection, but faces a primary challenge.


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