Michigan Republican Chair Karamo says she has party's support as leaders discuss ouster

The Michigan Republican Party Chair believes she has a majority of the GOP's support as leader, doubling down on Thursday night that those calling for her ouster want to maintain the status quo.

During a segment of Let It Rip on FOX 2, Kristina Karamo argued some Republicans who are unhappy with her leadership are trying to keep the party from progressing forward and are the reason for repeated defeats in local and state elections.

"Maybe those individuals reflect why the Republican party has failed so miserably in the past," she said.

The former Oakland County Chair, Rocky Raczkowski, pushed back on her leadership traits, telling her "the leadership of this party stinks."

Karamo has been at the center of several issues within the state Republican Party since she took over last February. She was elected at a nominating convention by thousands of precinct delegates, beating out more than a dozen other people.

Now, almost a year since her elevation, the party is marred by infighting, including multiple physical fights, as well as financial problems. With the 2024 election looming and several important races coming out of Michigan, some figures like Raczkowski worries a lack of leadership will only lead to more losses.

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Referring to other leaders like Macomb County Party Chair Mark Forton that he spoke to, Raczkowski said "Their biggest problems is ‘why are you suing the trust for a building you do not own’."

A majority of the county Republican leaders say they would support removing Karamo as chair. Discontent made public late in 2023 has escalated into the new year. A meeting was tentatively scheduled for this weekend to meet and vote on a direction.

Karamo claims the detractors aren't following party bylaws. She herself has called for meeting with local leaders on Jan. 13. On Let It Rip, she said if they voted to remove her, she would step down if it happened "lawfully."

"But they have to follow the process," she added.


Michigan GOP leaders mutiny against Kristina Karamo as party discontent toward chair grows

The leader of the Oakland County Republican Party called for Kristina Karamo's ouster, claiming she wasn't "capable" of running the infrastructure needed to secure wins in the next election.

The steps that have led to issues within the party are partly tied to its finances, which include several hundred thousand dollars of debt. Karamo claims she inherited that debt when she became leader. One way she's sought to reduce the issue is by selling the party's headquarters.

But Raczkowski said a trust of previous GOP chairs owns the headquarters and she has no authority to do so. She's pursuing the issue in court. 

Then on Thursday, an opinion released by a HIllsdale County judge held Karamo and the party in contempt before fining them for refusing to recognize the legal leaders in the county. Circuit Court Judge Michael R. Olsaver leveled $500 fines against karamo and several others, the opinion reads.