Michigan sees highest increase in average gas prices in U.S.

An undated file photo of a gas pump.

Michigan has seen the largest increase in gas prices of any state in the past week, rising an average of 14 cents since last Thursday.

Across the U.S., the price for a gallon of gas increased by an average of five cents, despite an increase in gasoline stocks and demand falling. 

But rising prices of crude oil is instead putting upward pressure at the pump. According to AAA, if they continue to climb, then so will the cost that drivers pay when filling up their cars.

Fuel is at its highest price over the last 18 months, rising from an average of $2.10 in August 2020 to $3.46 in February 2022, according to Gas Buddy. In Michigan, average gas costs include:

  • Ann Arbor - $3.29
  • Detroit - $3.35
  • Lansing - $3.38
  • Flint - $3.38
  • Grand Rapids - $3.37
  • Kalamazoo - $3.33

While California and Hawaii remain the only states charging more than $4 a gallon, Michigan has reported some of the biggest increases recently. 

AAA says tensions between Russia and Ukraine are partly behind the rising oil prices. Many western countries have vowed to support counties affected by a potential shutoff of oil and natural gas that could be imposed by Russia.

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The gasoline producing conglomerate OPEC+ has also declined to boost production of gasoline beyond 400,000 barrels per day, despite calls to increase output further.