Michigan-shaped cloud photographed over state

Photo courtesy of Tanya Evans.

Look - in the sky. Is it a bird? Or a plane? No - it's a cloud shaped just like Michigan. 

"Pure Michigan," intones Tim Allen.

A photo snapped by Tanya Evans above Crooked Lake puts on full display the majesty of what our own mitten-shaped state looks like in the sky. 

On the right is Port Huron and the thumb. Bulging at the top is Mackinaw City where the bridge by the same name (and slightly different spelling) can be found. Just to the left could be Traverse City, or maybe Beaver Island. 

If onlookers squint their eyes, they could make out an obscure version of the Upper Peninsula, but that might be a stretch even for cloud formations.

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The Crooked Lake that Evans took the photo at is near the Mackinac Bridge.