Michigan solar eclipse 2024: Weather forecast expected for April 8 event

The long-awaited solar eclipse expected to streak across the skies in the U.S. is almost here.

Fans and eclipse chasers like to pursue the event all over the world and many are expected to flock to the path of totality, which will stretch from Texas to Maine. While almost all of Michigan isn't in the path, a good portion of the state will still experience a partial eclipse.

About 99% of the sun will be blocked in Southeast Michigan, which is just outside the area where a full eclipse will occur. Unfortunately, even if the timing is right and someone has set themselves up to be in the perfect spot, clear skies are still needed to experience the phenomenon.

Here's what's in the forecast in Michigan on April 8.


Solar Eclipse 2024: Michigan locations, weather forecast and more to know ahead of event

There's only one city in Michigan that will witness a full solar eclipse. But could a cloudy day muck things up? Here's everything to know about the phenomenon.

Michigan weather on April 8

Monday, April 8, is forecasted to be mostly cloudy with a high near 57 degrees. Unfortunately, a chance of showers is also in the mix. 

The National Weather Service and weather models used by FOX 2 only have a vague idea about what's expected in terms of visibility. Predicting cloud cover is notoriously difficult as conditions can change.

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A combination of sun and clouds is predicted from Friday through the weekend.

Historic cloud cover

While the forecast is still muddy, it can help to look at history to get an idea of what has been in the weather on the date over the past few years. 

Over the last 10 years, could cover has been the dominant trend in metro Detroit. There were clear skies in 2014 before heavy clouds over the next three years. Last year on April 8, clouds filled most of the sky. 

When is Michigan's solar eclipse?

Only in the tiny southeast corner of Michigan where the state borders Ohio and Lake Erie will a total solar eclipse be observed.

The communities in Michigan that will feature a full eclipse will be Luna Pier, Ottawa, and Vienna. The exact moment totality is reached will be 3:13 p.m. on April 8. 

It will last 26 seconds.