Michigan State Police helping Detroit police for July 4 weekend

Detroit police is getting help from their other friends in blue.
Michigan State Police troopers will help patrol the streets of Detroit and Inkster over this holiday weekend.

DPD says it needs back-up after two weekends of deadly shootings in the city.

The 4th of July weekend in Detroit began violently with two suspects seen selling dope at a gas station on Woodward at State Fair. Police moved in on the accused drug dealers, who flee. 

But officers say one jumps out of the maroon sedan with a gun outside the State Fair Apartments and a Detroit officer shoots and wounds him. 

"The officer fired several shots," said Steve Dolunt, assistant Detroit police chief. "Striking the victim, in the buttock. We recovered his weapon, he's been taken to a local hospital."

As we swing into the holiday weekend extra security would be welcome - and it's here.  Troopers were assigned by the Michigan State Police to help Detroit police patrol.

Some MSP support could be seen rolling out of the 9th Precinct on Gratiot at Gunston Friday.

"It doesn't make any difference, there's still violence - same old thing," said one Detroiter.

Resident Bobbie Perkins in the front yard with the children Friday said that she welcomes the state police. 

"I think we'll be safer, that's a good idea," Perkins said. 

Resident A.J. Thomas said she's happy to have an increased police presence.

"I honestly think it will (help)," she said. "Everything that's going on in our city, and all around the city of Detroit - I think whether the uniform is blue or black, we need all the help we can get. There's just too many things going wrong in Detroit."

And here on the east side on Kilbourne near Gratiot a grandmother who moved here in 1976, says she used to enjoy sitting on her front porch.

"It used to be nice, I haven't sat on my porch once this summer," she said. "We need (state police). Times aren't what they used to be, people break into households, people steal and kill. It's terrible now."