Michigan State Police risk stinky spray to save stuck skunk

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Michigan State Police troopers were called to rescue this stinky fella Thursday morning. Photo credit: MSP

When Michigan State Police were called to a report of a savage skunk, they likely weren't excited to take the call. After all, who wants to take the risk of being sprayed by a skunk? That didn't stop the brave men and women from MSP from doing their jobs.

It was 8 a.m. on Thursday when troopers from the Metro North Post were called to a street in Royal Oak Township about a 'savage skunk'.

When the lucky troopers showed up to the 21000 block of Glen Lodge, they found the skunk with its head stuck in a yogurt cup. To compound matters, it was running circles and spraying everything.

So troopers called animal control - only to learn they don't handle calls like this. Risking a possible tomato juice bath, the troopers knew they had to act.

One trooper used a wooden pole to guide the skunk in one direction. This distracted the skunk, allowing the other (faster) trooper to run up and gently grab the cup off the skunk.


The now free skunk took a look around, nooded at the troopers, and left the area without spraying either officer.