Michigan State University to start winter classes remotely for first three weeks

Michigan State University will begin its spring semester classes online, following a surge in COVID-19 cases around Michigan.

MSU will instead start classes primarily remotely on Jan. 10 for the next three weeks. A letter published on the school's website said the omicron variant and Michigan's recent surge in cases justified the move.

Students are welcome to stay at home or move back into the residence halls next week, President Samuel Stanley Jr. said. For those that do return to campus, food and dining options will be home, as will the library and IM facilities.

"I realize that students prefer to be in person, and so do I. But it is important that we do so in a safe manner. Starting the semester remotely and de-densifying campus in the coming weeks can be a solution to slowing the spread of the virus," said Stanley.

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Any labs or professional school programs that need to meet in person can. Students should wait for their instructors to communicate with them ahead of the new semester. 

Employees at the school were advised to continue best practices and only work in person if needed.

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Michigan's colleges have been playing a tricky game of how classes should resume next semester. The University of Michigan will continue with in-person classes, but require COVID-19 vaccine boosters and negative tests.

So will Central Michigan University.