Michigan straw purchaser bought 28 guns with stolen identity

A Kalamazoo man will spend time in prison after he used a stolen identity to buy 28 guns, the Department of Justice said.

David Tillman Deloach, 39, who is a felon and cannot possess guns, pleaded guilty Tuesday to aggravated identity theft, being a felon in possession of firearms, and making false statements during the purchase of firearms. He received a 58-month prison sentence after his plea.

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An investigation into Deloach began after handguns were found in his vehicle during a traffic stop in Indiana. Three months after that, Deloach was a passenger in a car that was stopped by Chicago police. Five handguns were found inside the car, the DOJ said.

A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives led to the discovery that Deloach used a stolen identity to buy 28 pistols from west Michigan gun stores between March and July 2021. Only three of those weapons have been found by police.

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 "Mr. Deloach’s crimes are serious. By using another person’s identity over the course of approximately five months to purchase a cache of handguns, Mr. Deloach is fueling the epidemic of violence plaguing our communities. Mr. Deloach is arming convicted felons, like himself, who are legally prohibited from possessing firearms. My office, working with the ATF, will continue to target individuals who are straw purchasing firearms," said U.S. Attorney Mark Totten.