Michigan Supreme Court rejects re-sentencing appeal from 'White Boy Rick'

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The Michigan Supreme Court announced in a ruling this week that it is siding with the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office and will not be granting "White Boy Rick" a re-sentencing.

Decades ago, the notorious police informant turned drug dealer was sentenced to life in prison for possessing 17 pounds of cocaine. He was 17 years old. Now at age 46, Richard Wershe Jr. is still in jail.

Life sentences without parole for minors on drug charges are no longer allowed under the Michigan Constitution. Although Wershe’s sentence has since been changed to allow the possibility of parole, the parole board hasn't released him.

In prison, Wershe cooperated with the FBI to help break up drug rings and solve other crimes. Yet each time Wershe has come up for parole, it's been denied.

A Detroit-area judge last year said Wershe was entitled to a new sentence, noting his age at the time of his crime and other circumstances. But that decision was overturned.

A document from the Michigan Supreme Court states Wershe's case was denied this week because "we are not persuaded that the question presented should be reviewed by this Court."

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