Michigan swimmers can now order and drink booze in public pools

Now residents can have their drink and swim with it too. 

A new legislation aimed at Michigan businesses loosens the rules on food and alcohol consumption in public swimming pools. On Tuesday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill that allows service of alcoholic drinks to swimmers under certain circumstances.

A release from Whitmer said it "creates entrepreneurial opportunities" that enables businesses to "maximize business" this summer.

"Offering unique experiences for families and visitors in a safe, well-regulated manner is an important goal as we look toward the future of Michigan’s hospitality industry," said Rep. John Cherry, D-Flint. I’m proud to work with my colleagues to offer these new opportunities for economic expansion, giving a boost to mid-Michigan businesses." 

"The Bavarian Inn Zehnder Family applauds Governor Whitmer and the Legislators for approving the swim up bar legislation," said Michael Keller Zehnder, Bavarian Inn Lodge in a release. "This will enable hospitality business operators the opportunity to provide a new experience for their guests which will boost the Michigan Tourism Industry."

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For businesses to serve alcohol at public pools, they'll need to pay an annual fee for an on-premises public swimming pool permit of $350.

Requirements to serve booze include:

  • Sales are done in a well-marked area not accessible to minors, possibly separated by a buoy line
  • The person who purchased the drink may possess it only in the exclusive area or places adjacent to that section in the exclusive area
  • Employees must complete a special server training program