Michigan teen competing in world CrossFit Games

One Michigan teenage boy one day said he's giving up junk food and will start lifting to one day compete in the world CrossFit competition.

And now, that day is here.

FOX 2's Deena Centofanti met up with 15-year-old Dylan Kade, and saw some of his CrossFit moves, such as the handstand push-ups. You can watch him in action in the video player above.

To get to this point, though, Dylan started in his basement with his weights and a dream. Two years ago, he inspired by a coach and a CrossFit competition video online.

"It's a funny story. So, I was actually really influenced by the internet to join," he says. "I saw a video on YouTube of the 2012 CrossFit Games' final event and I just saw it and was like, "Wow. I want to do that one day.'"

And now the Lake Orion High School sophomore is considered one of the top CrossFit contenders in the world!

CrossFit is a high intensity training program that is made up of endurance, gymnastic and heavy lifting exercises. Dylan started out simply jogging, then figured out how to keep pushing himself in creative ways.

"So there's this tire my parents' had, like extra tire, so I just wrapped a belt around it and a little strap and I just started putting weights in it, and started pulling it up and down our street, and that was a good leg work out," he says.

Now, two years later, Dylan is training at Maven CrossFit in Rochester for the world CrossFit competition in California where he will be facing the best of the best.

"So, in the 14- to 15-year-old teens, Dylan took third in the entire world. And I think at the world championship he can probably better that," says Brad Berlin, the co-owner of Crossfit Maven.

Dylan's coach says it's remarkable for the 15-year-old to have reached one of the the highest ranks in the CrossFit world in such a short time. This takes most people their entire competitive career to accomplish. His family, too, is even amazed by his dedication.

"We are extremely proud. For such a young person to be that dedicated and, you know he just, he definitely wants to win," says his mom, Mary Kay Kade.

The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games start July 19 in California. He will compete to be the "fittest on Earth."

Best of luck to you, Dylan!

You can see some of Dylan's training videos on his YouTube page here