Michigan to announce daily vaccine lottery winners Wednesday

The first winners of Michigan's vaccine lottery will be announced this week. 

The state's "MI Shot to Win" sweepstakes is offering millions of dollars in cash to a select few that have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine and registered for the lottery.

The winners of the daily $50,000 drawings will be announced Wednesday. The drawing was scheduled to happen "on or about July 11, 2021."

Many of the $50,000 daily drawing winners have already been selected, with the first being drawn July 6. Those smaller cash prizes are reserved for anyone that gets their first shot on a day in July. 

The $1 million and $2 million drawings are reserved for someone who received their first shot between Dec. 1 and July 30.

The $2 million drawing is scheduled to take place on or about Aug. 4.

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If you're curious about how to sign up for the vaccine sweepstakes, you can learn more about how to do it here