Michigan to businesses: Use "best judgement" for reopening workplaces

With much of the remaining COVID-19 rules lifted, the state is shifting its policies for masks and businesses as it pertains to public health.

That includes the state's workplace rules, which have been updated to follow federal guidelines in both health care settings where COVID-19 is likely to be more present, and in non-health care settings, which asks employers to "use their best judgement."

A release from the labor department said businesses should consider daily health screenings, face-covering requirements, and social distancing recommendations when deciding how to reopen their place of work. 

"As we continue to get Michigan back to work, our priority remains keeping workplaces safe for employees and protecting customers as they support these businesses," said Whitmer in a statement.

On Tuesday, Michigan ended epidemic orders pertaining to mask-wearing and capacity limits at restaurants and movie theaters. While some rules for nursing homes and prisons remain, the state is now considered fully open after 15 months of lockdown measures. 

That means workplaces like offices will need to implement their own measures if they deem them necessary. While the Michigan OSHA "strongly encourages workplaces" to follow CDC guidance to mitigate potential spread.

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"These updates recognize the great progress we have made in Michigan to contain COVID-19 and the power of vaccinations. We will continue to provide critical workplace protections more focused on areas of increased COVID-19 risk," said Michigan COVID-19 Workplace Safety Director Sean Egan. "In non-health care settings, it’s important that all employers recognize that they have a general duty to provide a safe workplace."