Michigan voters enshrine right to abortion in big night for ballot proposals

It wasn't until early Wednesday morning when ballot proposal contests were called in Michigan, all three coming in quick succession from the Associated Press that declared Props 1, 2, and 3 all approved by voters.

Polls had shown each ballot measure with support in Michigan, but during a midterm race with a lot of uncertainty over what kind of support Democrats and Republicans had in the state it wasn't clear which might succeed.

The only fact that most could agree on about the measures is that they would drive up turnout in Michigan. 

Proposal 3, which gives state constitutional protections to abortion access in Michigan, was believed to be the issue that would drive up votes. While the abortion amendment may have been the driving issue, it was also the closest contest of the three proposals, projections show.

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Prop 1: Financial Disclosures, Term Limits

The proposal adjusts the amount of time a lawmaker can spend in the state legislature as an elected leader. It also mandates financial transparency among elected officials by requiring politicians file disclosures showing their sources of income, gifts, assets, and more.

Read the full proposal language here.

Prop 2: Voting access

Proposal two expands voting access in Michigan with several changes to election law in the state. That includes state-funded absentee ballot drop boxes, only allow election officials to conduct post-election audits, and allow for nine days of early voting.

Read the full proposal language here.

Prop 3: Abortion

Proposal 3 gives constitutional protections to abortion by codifying access to the medical practice. The successful ballot measure is one of several around the U.S. that asked voters about abortion, which became a defining issue of the midterm races.