Michigan's cost of living, climate among reasons families moving to state

The way Paul Wolfert sees it, Michigan is "like two states in one."

There's plenty of space in the state, which is both a great reason for those already living here - as well as those that might be considering a move to the Great Lakes state.

"I speak to at least five families a week that are moving from out of state to Michigan," said Wolfert of Century 21 Row.

Wolfert works in metro Detroit as a realtor. He's seeing a shift toward more interest in starting a family and setting down roots in Michigan. Lots of available land to build a home isn't the only reason either.

"When we’re looking at the cost of living buyers. They’re moving from the most expensive places, so New York, DC, California," he said. "Then you have climate-change buyers who are moving from Nevada, Texas, areas like that where they’re like this is dry and hot and Michigan is not."

The cost of living is below the national average in Michigan, according to a report from Ramsey Solutions - about 8% lower.

Hoping to capitalize on the incoming families is Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturer.

"The more we talk about what Michigan offers, even to people outside the state, the more excited people become," said Gale Halsey, senior VP at the automaker. "It’s a great place to raise children."

Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Novi, and Northville are among the cities that fit the mold.