Michigan's Representatives, Senators call for 25th amendment after Capitol riot

When the U.S. Capitol was breached Wednesday afternoon, Michigan's Representatives and Senators were forced to scramble for safety. They huddled in rooms and took cover under desks with other members of Congress as rioters forced their way into the building. Now they're wanting to move forward and are laying the responsibility at the feet of President Donald Trump.

Representative Brenda Lawrence is turning the fear and anger she felt Wednesday into motivation for change about what to do next.

"The President must be held accountable. Yesterday the country saw clearly the impact and the danger of a President who has no compassion, who is self-centered, and this is all about him," she said.

Lawrence said Trump's actions incited the violence and the 25th amendment is a necessary way to respond to the President.

She's not alone. Gary Peters agrees and both are part of a growing group of Senators and Representatives calling for the President's immediate removal from office.

"I think it's important for us to make a clear statement. The actions that we have seen from this President, particularly in the last few days, are simply unacceptable. Yesterday is a clear demonstration of how dangerous the rhetoric the President is using, is when you have pro-Trump supporters storming the capitol in a violent attack," Peters said.

The Senator has not spoken with Vice President Pence about invoking the 25th amendment.

Michigan's other Senator, Debbie Stabenow, is questioning how a mob made its way so far inside the U.S. Capitol. 

"We're having some very tough conversations about what happened and what didn't happen: who was not arrested on-site?Who was allowed to come in - not just with a confederate flag - but with weapons. in the United States Capitol?" Stabenow said.

They all agree that sanctions in some way are necessary and impeachment may even be the way to go.