Milwaukee County sheriff's RNC message: blue lives matter

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Tuesday night Donald Trump Jr. said if you tell Donald Trump that he can't get a job done, that's a guarantee he will get it done.

That was the energy he brought to this particular convention. Donald Trump needs the younger audience and he also needs the women to vote for him as well. His daughter Tiffany spoke earlier, making her rallying cry for her own father.

In the meantime, while protests took place outside, it was the sheriff of Milwaukee County Monday who had everybody on their feet saying blue lives matter and he meant it.

"Blue lives matter in America," said David Clarke, the sheriff of Milwaukee County Monday.

Clarke made it emphatically clear, angrily defending officers from Dallas to Baton Rouge, police officers killed on the streets. All of this spurred from the deaths of black Americans at the hands of officers in the last month.

That sheriff spoke one-on-one about why he is so adamant.

"No one is above the law," Clarke said. "I mention Black Lives Matter and I mention the 'Occupy' movement. Okay, fine they are well within the First Amendment freedoms, but at the same time, I think these things can co-exist. They are not mutually exclusive.

"We can have both at the same time, if everybody keeps in mind this is about our Democratic principles."

The clash in Cleveland between white supremacists and Black Lives Matter marchers separated by police - 4,000 officers are here now, 1,500 of them are Cleveland officers. The rest from all over the nation, including 100 from Michigan.

It is something Clarke says points to the good work being done. Protestors are still able to do their work. Police are able to do theirs. That is the way it should be.

"There are well-intentioned people getting in the way of whatever the police have to do," Clarke said. "If the police say you have to move out, they have to disperse because eight or 10 they have thrown things and whatever. That is where the conflict starts."

There was a group with as many as 5,000 anti-Trump participants who said they would march Tuesday. They didn't show. So far only three protestors  have been arrested in Cleveland. The reason? Climbing a flag pole to put up an anti-Trump flag.

Sheriff Clarke says we're only halfway through the convention. Vigilance is critical.

"You saw what happened in Louisiana, in Baton Rouge, and we saw what happened in Dallas, Texas," Clarke said. "Cops at a protest event in Dallas and the next thing, they are taking on fire. That is why cops have to stay in this mindset of hyper-vigilance. And sometimes it is misinterpreted and people say that cop didn't look at me or make eye contact.

"It's not that we're rude and condescending, but it is that state of hyper-vigilance."