Missing Na’Ziyah Harris' relatives say they suspected abuse at her home in the past

No one has seen or heard from Na’Ziyah Harris – for more than six weeks since she got off at her bus stop on Detroit’s east side.

The longer the search goes, the more suspicious it all seems.

"If she could hear me now I would want to say to her: 'I love you, we love you, there's a lot of people concerned about you,'" said Vanessa, a relative of the girl.

Each day the family gets more concerned they’ll never see 13-year-old Na’Ziyah Harris again.

"All that we can do with this time is hope that she is alive and she did run away," her relative said. "However, she's made no contact with anyone for us to be able to even believe that that is true."

Two family members spoke with FOX 2 under anonymity, we’ll call them "Vanessa" and "Trish" - they’re estranged from Na’Ziyah’s immediate family, and guardian, who she lives with, on Detroit’s east side.

The fracturing of this family started when Vanessa and Trish suspected, abuse at Na’Ziyah’s home – they reported the concerns to Children’s Protective Services.

"If I had to guess, seven to 10 times over the course of the last eight months, eight months to a year," said Vanessa

But – Na’Ziyah and her 16-year-old brother, remained in the home under the adoptive care of their grandma - who spoke out at a press conference this week.

Before she went missing on January 9th, "Trish" said she knew she’d be the next missing child out of Detroit. an eerie omen that came true.

FOX 2: "Do you think that there's foul play in her disappearance?"

"I think there's something going on there's so many different scenarios," Trish said. "Because there's so much dysfunction from multiple members in the family."

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For the first time this week – we heard Detroit’s Police Chief James White say the word "suspects" in this case. He said – suspects are being talked to and there is more to come.

Multiple, searches – have turned up no Na’Ziyah and no evidence.

"This child has not reached out to anybody," Trish said. "She has not logged in under any social media. She has not reached out to friends, family, no one. She just basically disappeared."

If you know anything that could help investigators – call Detroit police right away.

Missing Na’Ziyah Harris

Missing Na’Ziyah Harris