Na'Ziyah Harris case: Detroit organization helps search for missing 13-year-old

With 13-year-old Na'Ziyah Harris still missing, a Detroit organization has taken it upon themselves to help police search for her.

New Era Detroit (NED) leader Zeek Williams said his team is working feverishly with the highest hopes of finding Na'Ziyah – who disappeared over a month ago after getting off her school bus on Detroit's east side on Jan. 9.

"We (are) always putting our best foot forward when any kid comes up missing, and she’s no different," Williams told FOX 2.

The community organization, whose goal is to restore unity among Black communities, canvassed Detroit in search of Na'Ziyah, keeping her missing person’s case top of mind. 

Williams said he is hearing about more children going missing nearly every week.

"The fact that we are not getting that information in a timely fashion, enough to make a real effort in bringing kids home, is an extreme problem," he said. "And I know we got the resources – whether it’s on a city level, or a state level, or a federal – to make sure that we are doing a bit more. "

Na'Ziyah was reported missing to Detroit public schools police the day after she did not return home.   

Detroit public schools police got federal law enforcement involved, including the U.S. Marshals. About one month later, on Feb. 13, the Detroit Police Department were asked to take over. Many are still wondering why it took so long for DPD to be let in on the investigation. 


Missing Na'Ziyah Harris: Detroit police 'very concerned' for safety of 13-year-old girl

Na'Ziyah Harris got off her school bus in Detroit on Jan. 9 but never went home.

Police sources say foul play is a serious concern when it comes to Na'Ziyah’s disappearance.

"We hate that we're so far behind the ball when it comes to really putting in the real search – being that this is something that happened so long ago," Williams said. "That’s another thing of ours that we really want to focus in on."

Detroit Police gave an update on their search efforts Tuesday. They said suspects are being interviewed, yet no arrests have been made.

"We got a lot going on, and we are not losing sight of this case at all," said Detroit Police Chief James White. "One of our very best detectives in our Missing Squad is working on this case, and she is relentless."