Mitchelle Blair gets life in prison for killing kids she kept in freezer

She asked for it and got it. Mitchelle Blair will spend her life in prison with no chance of parole for murdering two of her children and hiding their bodies in a freezer.

Blair lashed out at the fathers of her surviving children and their families during Friday's sentencing.

"You imposed the death penalty on your own children," Judge Dana Hathaway said in court.

"I did," Blair said.

The Detroit mother who admitted to killing her two children, 9-year-old Stephen Berry and 13-year-old Stoni Blair and hiding their bodies in a freezer, accepted her fate.

"The greatest tragedy here is that they will never know what a life is like without experiencing fearing their mother."  

Blair, who says she was physically and sexually abused as a child, continues to say she killed Stoni and Stephen because they were sexually assaulting her two surviving children.

"There is no evidence in this case," said Carin Goldfarb, assistant Wayne County prosecutor. "That any of the younger children or the younger child was sexually abused."

"How dare you, say nothing happened to my son," Blair said in court. "You weren't there. You all were never there."

Reading a victim impact letter, Blair was able to make statement as well, focused on her children's absent fathers Alexander Dorsey and Steven Berry, who are trying to regain custody of their two surviving kids.
"They want to talk about how they love my daughters," Blair said. "Now they want to be front and center but they were always in the background. They never did anything for them. They never showed up to my door once."

One of the fathers was seen smiling as Blair stood before judge Hathaway.

"How do you smile when your two children have been killed," said defense attorney Wyatt Harris. "I could see nothing to smile about."
Although Blair accepts responsibility for actions, her anger and lack of remorse overshadows the sincerity.

As she was led out of the room, she flashed middle fingers at the fathers.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said on Friday that the situation is simply all around tragic. 

In a statement she said:

"There were no winners - only losers. I truly hope these children can finally rest in peace."

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While Mitchelle Blair's criminal trial is now over, the custody over her two surviving children continues. Both fathers were ordered to undergo psychological evaluations. That hearing resumes July 27.