Mogul Dame Dash visits Detroit and talks about his love for the city

He's well known for co-founding Roc-A-Fella Records and his history with Jay-Z. Record label executive Dame Dash.

His latest film is "The Prince of Detroit" on Tommy Duncan and through his research, he became acquainted with the city's history and people.

"I did a movie about Tommy Duncan from Detroit, which will be on our network, and I did a couple premieres here and I was here for the festival," he said. "I like the town a lot and I learned a lot from the movie about Detroit and I was really surprised at how much I loved Detroit. So regardless of that I was going to come back."

As Detroiters there’s a rich history here with some of the grittiest people - and perhaps the realest you will ever find.

"I met people out here that I found to be like-minded and independent thinkers," Dash said.

The record label exec has since parted ways with Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella. .On Friday he appeared on a panel in Detroit talking his app American NU and his life as an entrepreneur, film producer, director, and actor.

He also discussed brand development and community building. He’s also in town visiting property sites to purchase for arts education.

Hilary Golston: "Thirty percent is the poverty rate here in Detroit, for children the poverty rate is 43 percent."

Dash said working on that kind of disparity is one of his priorities.

"What I’m also doing now, I’m looking at a school to buy," he said. "So that I can educate in the school in an environment that makes us comfortable and myself. So that we can teach in the voice that we understand not in the voice that they know we don’t understand so we can teach people to make change."

Dame Dash

Dame Dash