Mom: 7-year-old was sexually assaulted by boy at Detroit school

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A 7-year-old girl allegedly sexually assaulted by a fellow student at a Detroit elementary school.

The child's mother is outraged over how the school handled the situation.

"A little boy from behind pulled her pants down and grabbed her," said the girl's mom, Jade Laforge.

That's the story Laforge of Detroit says she had to hear from a second grader about her own daughter. Laforge was livid Thursday learning what happened to her 7-year-old daughter Jada inside Horace Mann Elementary.

"She's nudging Jada, like saying 'Tell your mom' I'm like what's going on," said Laforge. "Jada is like nothing, nothing is going on."

Laforge says her daughter eventually told her what happened Wednesday afternoon - she was walking in line to lunch when the boy, who was behind her, pulled down her pants and underwear. He allegedly grabbed her, holding her from behind, apparently telling Jada she was his girlfriend.

Laforge headed up to the school to speak with her daughter's teacher.

"I'm like where were you at I asked Ms. Jackson the teacher," she said. "The principal interrupted (saying) Ms. Jackson is busy you have a class of how many, she has a class of 32, I'm sure she can't watch all of them."

Laforge was frustrated with that comment and demanded to speak with the principal to understand what happened and why she wasn't notified.

"She said the teacher, Ms. Jackson notified the parent, the parent came to snatch the child out of the school," Laforge said. "I guess they felt that was sufficient enough. She said if you feel like going to the police that's a little dramatic."

Laforge filed a report with Detroit police Thursday.

"I didn't get any paperwork, any write-up, nothing (at school)," she said. "I'm like, what am I going to do?"

When contacting the superintendent's office FOX 2 was told  they were not notified either and have just begun investigating.

"They should've called me immediately and we should've sat in that office, all of us together," Laforge said.

While the district will not comment any further, Laforge says Thursday she dropped off copies of the police report at the principal's office adding that now, she may need to put her daughter into a different school.

"I feel like the kids are not safe," Laforge said. "The teachers do not care and the principal gets her check and just goes to her meetings."