Mom: Amber Alert abduction of baby by ex-boyfriend happened after argument

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Tonya Smith, left and her mother Juanita Smith.

A baby girl is safe after being snatched from her mother's arms.

Detroit police issued an Amber Alert after the frantic mother mom called 911, saying her daughter had been kidnapped by a man she knew.

A tense scene for about nine hours on Detroit's east side near Seven Mile and Hoover, where a five-month-old baby was snatched from her mother's arms.  But a good ending.

"I'm very happy she's home," Juanita Smith said,

The baby is five month old, Tonya Smith, the mom, Juanita Smith, 27..
The suspect  is 21-year-old Michael Hunter. Mom and Hunter had a relationship.

"We were real close," said Juanita Smith.

Hunter is not the baby's father, but wanted a relationship with the mother.

FOX 2: "Is that what the fight was about?"

"Yes," Smith said. "He sent me text messages and called my phone constantly. I sent me messages saying leave me alone. And he took my baby."
We are told that Michael Hunter went to the mom's house at about  11 p.m. Tuesday. They had an argument, Hunter takes the baby, Mom chases them down Hoover, but she gives up and calls 911. 

About nine hours later the baby is safe and Hunter in custody.

"We did have enough officers in the area identify the suspect," Sgt. Michael Woody said. "We were able to take him into custody and recover the baby."

But now what about Mr. Hunter?

"Obviously, we have a lot of questions for him that need to be answered," Woody said.

Smith said she will meet with police Thursday to talk about possible charges.

An Amber Alert was issued which caught the attention of Mr. Hunter. And due to good police work by the Michigan State police, the FBI, and Detroit Police, baby Tanya is home, and safe.