Mom claims man is a no-show with bounce house scam

It's a bounce house rip-off as an Inkster woman says she's been scammed.

For that woman Monday was a holiday to remember for all the wrong reasons, saying she was ripped off by con man. The guy she's accusing says it was just a big miscommunication - or was it?

"To play on unsuspecting mothers and take their money and run off with it and think it's okay," said Domonique Sparks.

Sparks, an Inkster mom battling cancer, is hot under the collar. She wanted a bounce house for her family cookout on Memorial Day and found a steal through Eric Campbell or "Fatz Montana" in the Facebook group "Detroit: sell everything."

"He's like, well it's last minute and I got a couple of people working on some orders and I'm like ok," she said. "He's like, but I'm doing a special today, two bounce houses for $150."

Domonique gave Eric a $50 deposit Monday morning. The bounce houses were supposed to be at her house at 4 p.m. but they were never delivered and she never got her money back.

"I try to contact him, he blocked me," she said. "I try to call him, he's blocked me."

So Domonique posted a message to that same Facebook group saying she'd been scammed.

And others chimed in saying there were more customers who Campbell allegedly conned Daeyanee Pinson alleged she lost out on $200 on a rental car.

Jaye King claimed she was ripped off as well.

FOX 2 talked with Campbell over the phone. He says he was just the middle man trying to make good on Domonique's last minute order for those bounce houses on Memorial Day.

He says the order fell through and he planned to give the money back, but it was Domonique who didn't pick up the phone.

As for the other customers claiming he conned them, Campbell says he doesn't know who they are. He says they're just jumping on the bandwagon and making up allegations.

But Domonique says she doesn't buy it.

"There are so many people coming out of the woodwork and I'm just shocked nobody spoke up until now," she said.

Campbell reached out to Domonique late Thursday to set up meeting to give her money back but they could not agree on where they would meet.

Inkster police say they're looking into the situation.