Mom of boy fatally shot over Jordans wants to warn others

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A fatal shooting involving Nike Air Jordans, leaves a teen dead and another injured in front of Detroit Loyola High School Tuesday.

The victim was 17-year-old Corey Harris-Thomas. His mother says this tragedy needs to be an important lesson for kids to listen to their parents.

His mom, Deidra Harris-Thomas, shared video of Corey this past weekend enjoying a vacation in Arizona. Days later he lost his life after being fatally shot on Detroit's west side.

The tragedy happened Tuesday when the teen tried to sell a pair of Air Jordans to someone who contacted him on Craig's List. Police say a fight happened in a car between two men, that's when the backseat passenger pulled out a gun.

The passenger in the front seat also pulled out a gun and at least two shots were fired. The teen was hit in the head and chest.

The front seat passenger was also shot. He was taken to a hospital, and listed in critical condition. Both weapons were recovered at the scene.

"I love my son to death,"  Thomas said. "You try to do the best you can for them. He made a wrong turn and that's what happened yesterday."

The location, near Meyers and Fenkell, was simply a meet-up spot for the victim to sell the gym shoes.

Police have two suspects in custody ages 19 and 21 years old. But this grieving mother is planning a funeral for son. She is staying strong, and wants the loss of her son to be an important lesson for teenagers.

"We told him not to sell the shoes, keep them for yourself, his mother said. "We show him these stories all the time and that would be my son."

The 17-year-old attended Grosse Pointe North, and recently transferred to King High School. Some of his longtime friends giving their condolences.

"It's like the worst feeling in the world," said Ryan Webb, a friend. "It's like losing a brother."

A brother who was known as an athlete.

"If you asked anyone was a baseball player," Thomas said. "He was a teenager going through what teenagers go through."

The 17-year-old worked at a shoe store, and bought Air Jordans and would want to sell them at a discounted rate or try to trade shoes with other people.

His parents say they spoke with him about keeping the shoes and told him no to selling to anyone, which is why the mother wanted to make her point about kids need to listen to their parents.