Mom of five has her minivan stolen from driveway

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“I just moved in here. What a good welcome.”

Five days. That’s how long Krisandra Colby and her five kids lived in their home on Cheyenne on Detroit’s west side, before someone stole her older model minivan right out of the driveway!

“It was about 3:30 a.m.  I was awake watching T.V. The next thing I know I heard a noise.”

Krisandra thought she heard her minivan, so she looked out the window saw it backing out of the driveway. She yelled for her boyfriend. By the time she got downstairs, they were already pulling away.

“I was just crying. I was sad. That's all I have. My kids need to get to school, I have to go to work, everything. That morning I was supposed to go get my U-haul to get the refrigerator and stove moved in.”

Krisandra and her five kids – ranging from 4-months to 9-years-old – are now basically trapped in their own home.

She has no idea why anyone would steal her 2005 gray Dodge Caravan in the first place, but she is begging for anyone to return it.

“People driving around in Challengers, Chargers - a minivan? Don't you know I’m a mother and I have kids? I’m just upset about the whole situation.”

Krisandra is desperate. She just wants her van back, but it doesn’t sound hopeful. Police say they will contact her when they learn anything.

In the meantime, she says it’s just a matter of time before she loses her job, which is going to make life for her family even more challenging.

If anyone knows anything about the theft, call police. If someone is looking to donate a vehicle, let us know.