Mom of special needs son wants answers after he was found wandering streets

The worst feeling in the world for a Detroit mother was to learn her son, who is nonverbal and has special needs, was missing. 

"He got on the bus, was supposed to come home at 5 o'clock. There's no Davone!"

Frendell Clay says her youngest son, 20-year-old Davone Brinkley, wakes up around 6 a.m. daily and gets regular rides to his school, Jerry L White Center on McNichols, from Trinity Transportation.

"The bus picks him up at 8:05 every morning. I told him I loved him when he left," she says. 

But Clay says Tuesday evening the bus came and went -- without Davone.

"I'm scared now. Where's my baby? There's too many missing kids out here, and my child is special needs, nonverbal."

She called the school, then Trinity Transportation. But an hour passed with still no answers. 

"Has he dropped my child somewhere? Is he laying somewhere dead? Everything was running through my head." Clay then called Detroit Police. 

It wasn't until four hours later when Davone was found at Joy Road and Mendota, about three miles away from their home on Coyle Street. 

"They keep telling me it was a new driver. You still should've given me information about this new driver."

Although Clay says she was told there was a new driver, a spokesperson with Trinity Transportation says they cannot comment on that, but an investigation has begun. It also might have been that her son got on the wrong bus. 

"If he was on the wrong bus? W'all should've called," she says. 

Clay says she is taking her son to the doctor to make sure everything is okay.

"He was happy to be home, but I still got to check my child out to make sure ain't nothing going on with my child."

Clay says she, simply, she wants to know how this happened.

"I want answers."